Comprehensive Solutions for Your Business

The expansive and varied experience of the physican-led MedExcel USA, Inc team drives the development and management of world-class Urgent Care centers. But, it's our keen understanding and skillful ability to stay ahead of the healthcare reform curve that enables us to deliver a turn-key and proven model that had and will continue to mark significant improvement in acute community healthcare.

Urgent Care

A shortage of Primary care physicians, an increasing number of patients and overcrowded emergency departments have given way to the incredible national growth of Urgent Care centers. However, growth for growths sake is not part of the MedExcel USA, Inc Urgent Care philosophy.

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Primary Care

MedExcel USA, Inc. understands the importance of continuum of patient care. We are including Primary Care services to our wide range of health care products. Selecting a Primary Care Physician that is right for you and your needs is one of the first, and most important steps towards managing your healthcare.

Consultation Services

Beginning with a comprehensive assessment, we are best positioned to identify specific challenges and areas for improvement. Those findings, along with your valuable input, our experience and state-of-the-art technology, serve as the foundation for customized and relevant solutions that will achieve discernible results.

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Medical Management

Operating a private practice in today’s medical environments present many challenges. Shrinking insurance reimbursements, changing regulations, and rising business costs can feel like barriers to your success.

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Billing & Reimbursement Strategies

With over 20 years of experience in the medical billing and coding industry, MedExcel USA, Inc affiliate Advanced Health Partners, Inc can provide solutions to many of your cash flow issues. 

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Staffing Solutions

Experience coupled with an in-house physician recruiting firm with an expansive network provide the resources to address the challenges of HR management.

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Information Technology & Innovation

Staying up to date with the changes in the medical technology field can be a challenge. Here at MedExcel USA, Inc we ensure the most up to date technology and innovations for your practice. Our affiliated company; Advanced Health Partners, Inc., is a Platinum Partner with AdvancedMD one of the largest EHR, billing and scheduling medical software companies in the industry today.

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Service Excellence Program

We know ensuring superior customer satisfaction is a top priority. MedExcel USA, Inc has developed a comprehensive service excellence program to assist, educate and implement changes that will elevate the customer care experience.

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In addition to providing  on-site PALS and ACLS classes, MedExcel USA, Inc is a leader in providing speakers for conference and lectures.

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Aftercare Program

MedExcel USA, Inc is currently in the development phase of an Aftercare Navigation Program. The program will help to better utilize healthcare resources in an efficient and cost effective model.

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