Pioneering Hospital Medicine

Increasing number of patients, resident duty hour restrictions, and reduced primary care physician time in hospitals have prompted more and more institutions to turn to the hospital medicine model as a solution. MedExcel USA, Inc is a forerunner in embracing that model and over the years has carefully perfected it to our partners’ benefit. Our physician-led team taps state-of-the-art technology, extensive experience, aggressive physician recruiting and retention initiatives, and a core understanding of the evolving healthcare environment to deliver meaningful and measurable results.

Despite similar needs across institutions nationwide, MedExcel USA, Inc Hospitalist programs are customized depending on your goals – and driven depending on your data. We collect, analyze and report on the specific data generated from your facility, so you can be certain that the detailed program designed and implemented by our team will address your most important inpatient challenges.

Our programs provide 24/7 presence in our parter facilities and the unique opportunity to align objectives and incentives among health plans, hospitals and physicians. Moreover, our board-certified Hospitalists are drawn from an extensive network of first-rate physicians with enhanced knowledge of evolving hospital procedures and the ability to facilitate improved communication throughout all departments.

Customized Solutions to Address Key Areas:
Physician Development and Leadership
Physician Recruitment and Retention Programs
Performance Improvement
Patient Satisfaction
Risk Management
Operational Effectiveness
Throughput and Length of Stay
Support Services
Documentation and Compliance