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MedExcel USA, Inc. has provided management services for medical practices since 1984. Providing medical management support for our clientele, we streamlined our processes for optimal outcomes. Our medical management services provide the administrative infrastructure allowing our clients to be focused on the business of patient care. MedExcel USA, Inc. management services gives our clients a competitive edge in a dynamic healthcare environment.

MedExcel USA, Inc is built on a solid foundation of honesty, ambition and teamwork

Learn why practitioners turn to physician-owned MedExcel USA, Inc and its affiliates for the opportunity to work with high-quality physicians and pursue career advancement. Through recognition, respect and teamwork we serve our physicians and ourselves by creating an environment where all can realize their full potential.


Are You a Hospital Administrator?
Regardless of size or location, all institutions can reap significant benefits and customized emergency, hospitalist programs. MedExcel USA, Inc has been a pioneer in developing innovative programs - each aligned to meet specific patient goals and each proven to increase the efficiency of patient resources utilization, reduce average length or stay, and elevate the quality and consistency of patient care. MedExcel USA, Inc continuously pursues new business development, growing our company in Emergency Medicine, Hospitalist Medicine, Urgent Care and Primary Care Development. Our goal – and in truth, our commitment – is to provide quality, efficient medicine that starts with patient satisfaction and centers on a collaborative and successful relationship with physicians, staff administrators, EMS and the community. Over 30 years of service and care to more than 6 million patients speaks volumes on the MedExcel USA, Inc philosophy. We have and will continue to elevate our partner institutions’ into centers of excellence through performance and achievement.

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Do You Need Comprehensive Medical Management Services?

Providing medical management support to our clientele and assisting in gaining economy of scale, building stability and growth potential for our clients in a very competitive, dynamic healthcare environment. MedExcel USA, Inc. provides significant amenities to the management of a practice. Our human resource function includes services such as coordination of benefits, payroll, pension, malpractice insurance and workers compensation. The employee onboarding processes, including termination process is something we’ve streamlined making the procedure concise and efficient. We have a full financial analysis department providing tracking of payments of all vendors, management of financial institutions and coordination of independent auditing and accounting. Outsourcing your back office world to MedExcel USA, Inc allows you to reduce staff, payroll, and payroll related costs (benefits, insurance, taxes) while benefiting form the economies of scale available to a larger practice. Supplies and equipment is another area where you take advantage of competitor pricing and save money, which drops right to the bottom line of your practice.

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Would You Like a Career Working for MedExcel USA, Inc or One of our Affiliates?

MedExcel USA, Inc and it's affiliates are committed to the continuation of growth and prosperity through the integration of people, management and technology. We excel at hard work, dedication and commitment in every area of our businesses. Stretching across a large geographical area into the healthcare community. In addition, MedExcel USA, Inc and it's affiliates believe in strong family values, professional career advancement and quality of life. Commitment to our goals and visions for our future in the healthcare industry set us apart from others in the medical arena. 

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Are You a Private Practice or Urgent Care?
The expansive and varied experience of the physican-led MedExcel USA, Inc team drives the development and management of world-class Urgent Care centers. But, it's our keen understanding and skillful ability to stay ahead of the healthcare reform curve that enables us to deliver a turn-key and proven model that had and will continue to mark significant improvement in acute community healthcare. It's a high-quality service model that successfully alleviates the strain on community medical practices, and ultimately extends meaningful and long-term benefits to patients, hospital staff, administrators and the community. MedExcel USA, Inc physical-led team draws on significant experience and diverse industry insight - understanding first-hand what it takes to design and deliver quality healthcare in today’s ever-changing and always challenging medical landscape.

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