We free you up to do what you enjoy – practice medicine!

Medical Practices rely on MedExcel USA, Inc for best in class service. Large group efficiencies while maintaining individual group identity and control. MedExcel USA, Inc objective is to provide solutions for you.

Single and small group practices compete in today’s marketplace with large singe specialty and multi-specialty groups for the same healthcare dollar. MedExcel USA, Inc is able to eliminate the disadvantage single and small groups have competing against larger groups. MedExcel USA, Inc is able to reduce overhead by bringing multiple practices together in an affiliated / independent model that reduces the need for back office work for:

Human Resources
Equipment Purchases
Standardization of Office Management
Contract Negotiations (lease, third party payor, etc)

Outsourcing your administrative services world to MedExcel USA, Inc allows you to reduce staff, payroll, and payroll related costs (benefits, insurance, taxes) while benefiting form the economies of scale available to a larger practice. Supplies and equipment are another area where you take advantage of competitive pricing and save money, which drops right to the bottom line of your practice.

MedExcel USA, Inc, through its affiliates, has the patient volume to be able to negotiate preferred compensation rates with third party payors. Single and small groups don’t have the volume to be able to do this. MedExcel USA, Inc can help your practice negotiate more favorable rates and increase the revenue to your practice without increasing your patient flow.

MedExcel USA, Inc can help by providing comprehensive services for human resources, billing and coding, payroll and office management, we free you up to do what you enjoy – practice medicine!

Human Resources today is about much more than hiring and firing. MedExcel USA, Inc can provide expertise and guidance in facets of Human Resource Management.

Benefits Management
Malpractice Insurance
Health Benefits
Workers Compensation
Recruiting and Retention
Incentive Programs
Diversity and Cultural Training
Succession Planning
Employee Wellness Programs
Executive Coaching
Executive Image Consulting
Coordination of all employee processing – hiring, termination, background checks.
Address all employee related issues – complaints, allegations, potential harassment concerns, workers compensation issues.
Employee Assistance Program
Development of Policy and Proceedure
Risk Management Services
Clinical Licensure Tracking